A self conducted interview.

If you’re doing something for a grade, does that diminish the motivation? Or intention? Or strength? Answer unknown. Does a seven word review suffice? Answer: probably not. Am I going to make actual… Continue reading

On necessities.

I feel like I need something eloquent to post on my blog, but honestly I just want to post something I’ve already written. I don’t really feel like editing anything right now, but… Continue reading

Short thoughts in a coffee shop

I’m not sure why I just opened my computer to type. I suppose because I felt like I needed to. I just finished reading a chapter on fat. fat fat fat. Try to… Continue reading


12:23am Keila Hamed-Ramos yo 

is hannah with you?


 Nick Roberson 


Keila Hamed-Ramos
 do you know where she is?


 Nick Roberson 
I thought she went to your room


Keila… Continue reading

County Sessions/Pigeon

Directions in London

Hello Team. The show we are seeing is in London. London, England. Not the USA. So the L isn’t going to get us too far. Neither is the subway. The CTA, the RCA,… Continue reading

a thought to come. maybe.

Something on my abusive relationship with dance

Growing up. Leila.

Hi Momma, I hope you’re doing well. First, I would like to apologize. I’ve seen your messages and I haven’t been responding to them. I’m very sorry about that. I miss you and… Continue reading


i think because I love you again not that i didnt care about you before its just you hover right on that line between really care about and love and I think you… Continue reading

to momma. with love. always.

It’s okay that I can’t sleep It’s okay my belly hurts It’s okay my digestive system is slow It’s okay I feel so overwhelmed It’s okay that I don’t really feel like calling… Continue reading