Cynical Optimism. This is music.

When the mind turns to colors.

It’s not going to be perfect. It’s never going to be perfect. Perfect Sucks. Perfect is boring. Confessions of a type A perfectionist. 

Upon entering college, it did not take very long before this issue engaged me: Who controls our lives, ourselves or the circumstances we are put in? Perhaps it was the seminar of Ethics… Continue reading


What is it? What defines a “home?” Is it that place were you take your bra off at the end of the day? Is it that place where you sleep at night? Is… Continue reading

That Place – Daria Chalupa

That place… In your head… It’s a party… Where you’re the only guest… Ever been there?… It’s fucking lonely… But damn!… It is where the best stories originate.

Marie Antoinette – Daria Chalupa

I really just hate you, you fucking cunt. I do. Shit, man! That feels so damn good to say. Like whoa! I did not think I would get that much satisfaction from a… Continue reading

I am not a pass…

I am not a passive being. I am a life.

And Again.

And sometimes the hardest thing is just to get started. So here I am. I’m back.

Film. Bed. Sleep.

Something Random That I Wrote Below/Dana Jones

I didn’t know what each day would bring as they stood an hour ahead of me. But I did know sunshine was to be expected. She’s like the month of April. I’m sure… Continue reading