Imagination – Daria Chalupa

There is nothing quite as cruel in this world than having it all…. Then realizing it was all just an illusion.

Kindness Always. /Shalyn Welch

I’ve never understood why people go out of their way to be mean to one another—people they know, people they don’t know. I think about it day in and day out. I study… Continue reading


The Day I Took My Bra Off – Daria Chalupa

Have you ever felt like you needed to do something, but didn’t have a reason to do it? Like riding your bike or driving your car. You have this burning urge to ride… Continue reading

Sick/ Dominic Glimco

To Heal – Keila Hamed-Ramos

My summer’s journey to heal and love myself. Because I’m really not that bad of a person. In fact, I’m pretty okay. I recently watched a movie and the advice given in it… Continue reading


I like the song Lullabye by Grizzly Bear. And I’m really sorry for calling them The Grizzly Bears.

The art of not a fuck. When someone figures out how to do that other than “just do it” lemme know.

Pigeon – City Culture State of Mind

huh? – Keila Hamed-Ramos