watershot winter 2015

Getting back and down in there was fun.
My mom apologized for trying to get me to listen to things that were none of my business.
over wine.

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You can indite me into the hall of geniuses. Impatient geniuses I suppose. Or morons. It’s about the same thing. I had the brilliant idea to color my hair purple last night, I bought the dye without any research, put it in my hair, and then put a bag over my head and slept with it overnight. It’s a craptastic brand, the type that the rebellious teenager who just saved up money for a month will go to Walgreens to spend 10$ on. So now I have a purple scalp and tinted hair and big hopes for a great color. Also, manic panic on my wishlist at Amazon.

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A watershot

Well, I suppose

there’s no way to know anything for sure unless you know it for sure yourself.

So trust is pretty important.

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and I’m mostly scared that I wont live up to my own fluctuating expectations

how can I decide what to do when there is so much to do?

I really just want to make a life out of exploring

but I can’t really do that.

I fear mediocracy

but that’s exactly what i am.

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Everything embarrassing still going on.

I somehow have to take this series of things that I love: travel, good food, magazines, writing, using my hands, and create something really beautiful out of it. And I’m trying to give myself the tools necessary to do so. I’m doing the society thing, aka going to school, I’m trying to read magazines and books about what I’m interested in, I’m trying to stay current with whats going on in the world and to also expand my interests and to stay a well-rounded person. But for me, learning is an obsession, and learning about things I love is completely where I am right now. I never want to stop learning or making new connections. I’m restless and I think about little else.

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Water Thought

Do children’s TV programs have the power to challenge gender stereotypes?

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Eater Is Looking for the Next Guard — Send in Your Young Guns Nominations Today – Eater


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